4 ways in which self love can help you to cope with COVID Time:


4 ways in which self-love can help you to cope with COVID Time
 1.  Loneliness: Our communication towards the world, outside our homes, has become extremely tight and for some people, it may even be insufficient to an extent. You may not have seen your friends, your classmates since months. And, these may be the people you saw every day. This change can be very lonely and burdensome to cope with. It also, however, comes as a reminded that at the end of the day, no matter how many relationships you create around you, if there is one person who’ll be with you throughout, it’s yourself! Alone in your room, watching Netflix, or reading a book— being content with yourself, especially at a time like this, is of a lot of importance.
2. Spiralling: We are all at a stage in our lives which is difficult and unprecedented. It’s something we’ve never experienced before, and even though, we find comfort in the fact that we’re all in it together, at the end— you’re left alone with yourself. It’s a time, where boredom and lack of creativity may strike, and you’re alone with your thoughts that may spiral. At a time like this, you need bits of self-love to guide yourself thought out your day, and make the time which is strenuous and tough a little bit better.
3. Chaos: Our work-life balance has become overtly chaotic. And, to a point, non-existent. Our offices, schools, Universities, or any other work, all of them have taken a turn, which we didn’t think was possible. The routines that we’ve developed for years have come crashing down on it. And, everything is stressful, to say the least. At a time like this, we can over thinking, over exaggerate, or just feel disdainful thoughts about ourselves. Which is why you need love for yourself to push you out of a time like this and allow yourself to have breaks. A time which has titled your whole life on its axis.
4. Mindfulness & Kindness: While it is a difficult time, it also allows you to connect with yourselves. It isn’t very often we get to spend so much time, alone with our thoughts, away from everybody else. Especially not for so long, given how hectic our schedules can be. And, therefore, a time like this, could also be used as an opportunity to rekindle the flames that may have softened, to take care of everything about yourself, to start learning and loving yourself.
However tough and difficult it might be, there is one person who you can always count on and that’s you! So be a little extra kind, be a little extra gentle, and show yourself much more love. Because that’s what you deserve!
- Nandini
Heyselflovebox Team

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