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Loving one’s own self can be difficult at times.  With all the thoughts and waves that goes through our minds, it can be difficult at times to show yourself the value and love that is needed. 

The reality is that self love is not just a physical process, but it’s an exercise that is to be done daily.  And to help you with keeping up with this daily exercise is the Heyselflovebox. It’s a companion that you’ll need during this journey of yours. This box is the first small step one can take on the road to achieve self love. 

All the contents of the box have something special in it to make you enjoy it a bit more. The Notebook provides you with that safe space to note down your thoughts, the thoughts that hassel your brain from time to time. The journal can be your safe passage where you open up to yourself with a sense of calm and ease. 

There’s a mug that will remind you to take pauses from time to time, take a break from all the things around you while relaxing yourself with a mug full of love and your favourite beverage. 

Gratitude is the thing that when practiced daily can make you into a better person. With the grateful jar of Heyselflovebox, you can write down the messages of what wonderful things are in your life and how grateful you are for them. This jar full of gratitude might act miracles for you during those dark periods when you fell low. 

Inspirations can be found everywhere, and with our pocket inspirational book it’s always in your pocket. These pocket books contain just a little sweet doze of positivity that you require in the middle of the day. A pocket inspiration that’s gonna help you to get through those down moments of the day. 

Writing itself can give you clearance, pen down those thoughts in the notebook with the pencil with a message provided in the box. 

And last but surely not least, a fun 5 day self love challenge. This challenge will help you keep up with the exercise and finally get you going with self love.

Always remember that self love isn’t always about pampering your self with baths and scented candles. It’s a continuous process that’s going to help you evolve into a person that you deserve.


- Parth

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