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It has become crucial in 2021 to love oneself. In a world which is giving us 1,000 reasons to hate ourselves, a comic book is helping adults to love themselves more.

The comic book is a unique way to teach adults about the importance of self-talk, the power to say no to people who drain your energy, and the importance of pausing in life.



As per the research, 34% of men are dissatisfied with their bodies, the book is promoting the importance of loving and embracing their body. A research done by Glamour pointed out that 97 per cent women admitted to having at least one "I hate my body" moment. In the world where  hate is growing the comic is helping people to love and embrace their bodies


 The comic book is breaking the stereotypes by covering topics on mental health which are swept under the carpet. It points sensitive topics in a way which is relatable.

"I felt the need for a comic book after conducting self-love workshops with youth from across different states in India and different countries."- Megha Bhatia, Author of the Comic Book on Self Love.


Covid time has disrupted the mental health of people. People are wrapped by fear, insecurities, hate, anxieties and what not. This book is like a saviour to promote positivity, hope and light.


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