Five Mindful Things You Can Do As You Self-Quarantine

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Hey Self,

I love you. 


I know this time is tough, but it will pass. The clouds of negativity are overpowering the outside world. Thus, it has become crucial to keep our mind sane and body healthy during this time. Here are the few things that you can do to remain positive.

1. Be Grateful

Be grateful for all the things you have in your life. You might not be having everything in the world, but you can be grateful for everything you have. It is time to find a jar, write down the things that you are blessed to have on chits, and keep them in your grateful jar. You can even try giving a call to your loved ones, or maybe write an email to your old friend. Let’s express our feelings and spread love. Check the heyselflovebox to get the grateful jar and more such activities.


2. Meditate

When you find yourself, you find the world. Yes, the universe is giving you time to go inside and explore your potential. Practice any guided meditation. Quiet time with yourself will help you get a clear vision about your life and feel light too. Breathe and let go of all your worries.

 3. Create

Yes!! As children, we used to be super creative, but as we became adults, we started losing that creativity within us. Get an old magazine in your home, tear off the words that you resonate with, and make a vision board! You can also try your hand on drawing or doodling! 


4. Watch Movies

That inspirational movie that you always wanted to watch but could not get the time? This is the time to sit back and watch a movie with your family members. It will also help you distance yourself from the news!


5. Cooking

Use this time to try yummy and healthy recipes. I tried making a chia seeds smoothie. You can try that too. Put your chef cap on and experiment with different recipes.

Give this time to yourself

Hey, Self, I love you!



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