Hello Frida

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Hello Frida

Grace and charisma flow from her pictures. Every bit of her life is full of Inspiration. She is iconic and legendary Frida Kahlo. Despite suffering from all the hardships such as polio and an accident which led her to be bedridden for months. Nothing could stop her from following her passion and making her dreams come true. Her painting portrayed the pain she was going through. It was immeasurable. But she was raising her voice through her legendary paintings and breaking barriers.

Who could teach us about self-love better other than Frida? With all her imperfections, she was beautiful. A person who stayed with her own unique identity of following her Mexican culture and embracing it at the same time.


“I am my own muse”- Frida, Let’s bring her words into our lives and start living it. 


Heyselflovebox and Swaroop by Swati Bhatia has in collaboration launched The Frida Box. We bet you will fall in love with every bit of it.


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