How practising gratefulness can help you?

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Taking a moment every day, and reflecting on yourself can infinitely change your life for the better! It doesn’t need to an occasion - the practice of gratitude should be done always and every day. There are various benefits that come to form practising gratefulness. It can motivate and inspire you into doing better every day. Working on yourself, your talents or your hobbies will entice you into being the best version of yourself.

Practising gratefulness disconnects us from all negativity and toxicity that may surround us as it reignites all the positivity in our life, and reminds us of all things that we should be thankful and grateful for. Remembering such things reminds us that on the opposite side of the hurdles and the hardships, there are good things and there is an environment which is beautiful, and worth fighting for.

Take time every day, even if it is just 10 minutes and count your blessings. Fill the gratitude jar which you get in the Hey Self Love Box, with little things you’re thankful for — no matter how minuscule they may be.

We should always be happier, and as satisfied as we can be with our life because even when there are hundreds of things that are against us, there’ll always be thousands more that are with us. Everything from the morning sun, to your favourite pint of ice-cream, give us reasons to practice gratitude and be thankful. Have faith in the universe.


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