How to start the practice of journaling?

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Journaling refers to writing down your thoughts and recording your experiences in a diary or a journal. It is a process through with which we can unwind and put an ending to our days on a positive note. The practise of journaling can help us categorise our thoughts, and reflect on our actions so that we can take time and think about the occurrences that have happened in our day. It can help your ease your anxiousness, or make you feel better about yourself. It can also help you catalogue your thoughts, or be in a state of mind that’s healthy. 

Everybody has their own way of journaling, it’s a process that we have to find for ourselves, and figure what works for us. It’s a way to unwind, and calm our thoughts so what may work for others, may not necessarily work for you, however, it’s important to try and find a method that suits you and your lifestyle. The only rule of journaling is that there is no rule! So, here are some ways for you to get started :


  • Start, and keep practising 

Without starting, and sensing how you feel about writing and jotting down your thoughts, don’t judge the process of journaling. Firstly, without overthinking, just start. Once you start and get in the flow, decide a time for yourself. Whether you want to do it every night before going to bed, or every morning where you wake up and count your blessing, or just on the days which have been particularly hectic. Just take a deep breath, pick up your Swipe Right to yourself Notebook which you can get with the Hey Self Love box, and start! 

If you enter into the habit of journaling, you’d find yourself wanting to write down your thoughts and ideas at random moments. It’s important to let yourself feel the creativity in those moments. So, keep your journal with you whenever you can, and let yourself find that mental peace. 

  • Remember that your journal is your safe space

Through journaling, you are essentially talking to yourself. It’s okay to be chaotic at times, and it is okay to do whatever you feel works for you. Always remember, that your journal is your safe space. You can write down your fears, your insecurities, your experiences and everything else you want. 


So, get your pencils (with a message), through the Hey Self Love Box, and start this journey for yourself! You can also check our beautiful notebooks to help you kick start the practice of journaling.


- Nandini

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