How to stop over thinking? 

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Overthinking, especially, these days becomes inevitable. With relatively more time in our hands and time to be with ourselves a tad bit more, we find ourselves going into a spiral of thinking. And that spiral can be of a plethora of thoughts, and it may resurface the mistakes of the past. We tend to let ourselves go into that pothole of worries which can have a negative impact on our lifestyle, and our state of mind at that point. 

Even though it may seem tough to get out of that bubble, it is imperative that we try. Overthinking can lead to a very abysmal experience, and doing whatever we can to prevent it should be a must. Here are some ways in which you can : 

  1. Acceptance 

When you feel that bubble brewing, and those thoughts creeping up, accept that you might be going into a zone of overthinking. As soon as we accept the reality, and understand the subtle shift, we’d be able to prevent it.

  1. Collect your thoughts 

Your mind can be on a rampage and contain a multitude of thoughts, and for that, you should collect and organise them in your own mind. Getting a grasp on the situation can start from something like this, and journaling may help. With the Hey Self Love Box, you get a notebook, along with a pencil which contains a positive affirmation, with that you can get your reminder of self-love while you pen down your emotions. 

  1. Be an optimist 

Even though it may be tough, and sometimes not practical, looking at things from a positive mindset and with a will to make your life better. Living in the moment sometimes can be a good thing— letting go of the fears and the barriers that you’re holding onto. 

  1. Distract yourself

Sometimes all it needs is for you to surround yourself with things you love and appreciate for you to turn the negative thoughts into positive ones. Give yourself a break, and have things that can make you happy around you. 

With all that, there is also one thing you must remember. No matter what is going in your mind, and no matter what is going in your life, at the end of it all, you would have yourself and that’s enough! 

- Nandini

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