Self Love During Covid

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Self Love During Covid 

It is more important than anytime in the world to love yourself and take care of your health. With everyday news, we are getting bombarded with news which is hampering our mental health. Here are a few steps that you can adopt to increase self-love during this phase.

1. Meditation

Sit down, breathe in and let go. Let go of all your worries and things that are bothering you. Let meditation heal you. Find a space in your house which is quiet and safe, switch on a guided meditation and let go. You can also join us for free meditation sessions during this phase.

2. Be grateful

Focus on the positive during this phase. Focus your attention on all the little things that you have in your life. Have gratitude. Start the practise of gratitude by making a grateful list everyday.


3. Unplug

Do a digital detox. Yes, we spend half an hour scrolling over our phone. I want you to look up, high up in the sky. Put that digital device away from you for an hour and go outside in your balcony and breathe the fresh air.

4. Say Bye bye to News

Don’t consume too much news. Take pause and then consume news. Also watch news from reliable sources during this phase.

5. Be kind

Be kind to yourself and people around yourself. Help a person in need of care. Moreover, devote this time to be kind to your health. More than any time in the world we need to make kindness as our super power.

This time is tough but together we will go through this. Don’t forget to say to yourself: Hey, self. I love you.

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