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Sometimes all we need is Self Love.

We have been conducting self love workshops to ensure everyone embrace their self and love themselves. People from 5+ states and 2+ Countries have benefited from the workshops.

I have observed that no matter where we are our stories matter. We matter. It's time that we start appreciating and loving ourselves more each day.

We all are from different states, places, culture, etc. But you know what in this time of struggle and uncertainty we all are in this together. We all have gone through same kind of problems with little variations in relationship, job, future, etc. Don’t worry we are bigger than our problems. Universe has given us deep strength and power to overcome them. More and more power to each one of you. 

We all are love, peace and shine. We are more than our limits, filters set by the world, colour, caste, religion, country, etc. 

So today, believe in yourself. Because your story matters.


- Megha Bhatia

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