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Heyselflovebox is a box that is catered to you, to provide an experience that hopefully, fills you up with multiple degrees of self-love and self-appreciation. It contains varieties of products that will help you relax, uplift your mood, take a break from your chaotic day, and will help you in the process of taking a moment and taking a breather.

Self-Love arguably, is one of the most important forms of love— being content and happy with oneself, and having the utmost regard, and respect for yourself is of the utmost importance. And, it is the key to a gratifying life. Which is why we have this product for you. 

Our box, among other things, contains a pencil with a message. It is to reiterate the fact that it’s very important to take a step back and organise your thoughts. We understand that life can be messy, and especially right now, the situation around us can be very confusing. Which is why it’s important to have your freedom of thoughts. To think what you think and feel what you feel, without judgement and barriers. And a way to do that is by journaling and writing your thoughts down.


It can help you blow off steam, and also remind you, just how powerful and strong your opinions and beliefs can be. In our box, we also have our XOXO notebook. You can use it as a medium to write down your dreams, visions, goals and ideas. All of which can hopefully, one day, bring a difference to this world, and impact the people around you in a positive way.

Loving yourself may seem like a foreign idea or even something which might not be possible— not ever. But, we, through our product, are here to remind you, that it is possible, and more than a possibility, it’s almost a necessity. So, take a breather, pen your thoughts, and hopefully, it will bring a smile on your face— and it’s something that should be there, always!

This Independence Day, free your thoughts, and let your opinions take over. Set yourself on a journey, where you hold hands with yourself, and take off towards the adventure— which is for you, and by you!


- Nandini

Team Heyselflovebox

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