Self Love Master Class with Megha Bhatia

Self Love Master Class with Megha Bhatia

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30 Days Self Love Challenge and 2 hour Master Class

Self-love is so crucial in today’s time. I’ll be helping you to kickstart your journey of self love🥳

You will be receiving every single day specially curated activities through a video message to help you kick start your journey of self-love.🤩

I believe loving yourself in the journey of life is the best gift you can give to your soul.💜

Are you ready to dive deep into the journey of self-love? 💜Are you ready to love the most important person in this world? Are you ready to give yourself a tight hug and take yourself on a date? Then this challenge is for you.

1. 2 hours master class (Live Session)
2. 30 video challenges
3. Activity sheets
4. Life time access to videos

Meditate | Learn Positive Affirmations | Make Vision Board | Journaling | Habits that will help you grow | Visualisation | Positive Thinking | Dropping Self Limiting belief | Confidence

See you on the other side 🤩🥳